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Posted by AAA Gutters 10/31/23

Fiberglass gutters are becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners and contractors alike due to their durability, beauty, and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we'll delve into why FiberGutter is the industry leader in fiberglass gutter solutions and why it's the most valuable option for your home.

One of the key selling points of FiberGutter is its wooden-look aesthetic. The beautiful gutter profile mimics the appearance of traditional wood gutters but offers a much more durable solution. This durability not only saves you money in the long run due to the lack of maintenance required, but it also offers a peace of mind knowing that your gutters will last a lifetime. When compared to other gutter systems on the market, FiberGutter offers a true cost advantage. The linear foot cost of FiberGutter is competitive with other options and when combined with decades of maintenance-free durability, it becomes a no-brainer for anyone looking to invest in a high-performing gutter system.

FiberGutter's GUTTER GLUE kit is a game-changer when it comes to seamless installation. With the kit, heavily mitered seams and intricate details are invisible upon installation, offering a sleek, cohesive look for your home's exterior. FiberGutter is pultruded, meaning it offers unmatched durability and strength compared to other fiberglass gutters. This strength provides impact resistance, eliminates expansion and contraction, and eliminates the need for maintenance or repairs that are often associated with other gutter materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and copper. Additionally, FiberGutter is highly UV stable, ensuring its longevity and appearance over time.

The pultrusion manufacturing system used for FiberGutter is more durable than extruded or hand-molded fiberglass gutters and offers consistent sizes and profiles at a lower cost to manufacture. FiberGutter is the only gutter system on the market with a 50-year warranty, which speaks to the confidence the company has in its product. The warranty offers peace of mind knowing that the gutters will outlast any wood, fiberglass, or PVC gutter system currently available.

In addition to its standard 40' lengths, FiberGutter also offers custom radiuses and profiles to accommodate unique home designs. The installation of FiberGutter has been greatly simplified over the years, making it an accessible option for homeowners and contractors alike. With the GUTTERGLUE kit, all miters, seams, endcaps, and outlets can be taken care of in less than half the time of older installation methods.

In conclusion, FiberGutter is the most valuable option for anyone looking for a durable, beautiful, and cost-effective gutter system. Its wooden-look aesthetic, true cost advantage, seamless appearance, unmatched durability and strength, pultrusion manufacturing system, 50-year warranty, and simplified installation make it the clear industry leader in fiberglass gutter solutions.

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